How to Organize Fonts

Font Scroll Bar and Font Library

Use the font scroll bar for quick access. You can also find the fonts in a list called the Font Library. (The Font Library icon is on the left side of the font scroll bar.)

In the Font Library, you can search between fonts, and the fonts are organized in sections.

In the Recents section, you can search for your recently used fonts. In the Favorites section, you find your favorite fonts. Add any of the fonts you like to your Favorites or remove them by swiping left on the font name. In the Imported section, you can find all your imported fonts.

How to Import Fonts?

Open the Font Library and tap the Imported section then ‘Import’ and ‘Open Browser’ to open Safari. This way you can search the net without leaving the app. The font has to be in TTF or OTF format. Beware that the quality of the fonts can be different and you may not use some of them.

If you found a font site and chose a font you are about to download, press the ‘Download’ button. Press the download arrow button on the right top of the screen. Close Safari and go back to the app. Tap ‘Import’ again and tap ‘Files’. You’ll find your recently downloaded font here. Tap on the font and you are all set, the font appears in the Imported section of the Font Library.

How to Delete Fonts?

Open the Font Library and tap the ‘Imported’ button on the navigation bar. If you swipe left on the font, you delete it from the app. You can delete only one font at a time. You can’t delete the default fonts from the app (only the imported ones).