How to Backup and Restore Projects

Why Backup is Necessary?

All the projects you create are stored in the app. If you delete and reinstall the app for some reason, let’s say you change your iPhone to a newer model, you’re gonna lose all the designs you created. So backing up your projects from time to time is a must.

Another good reason to backup your projects is to continue editing them on another device. If you back them up on your iPhone, you can restore them on your iPad, and this way you share them between devices.

Make sure you backup your projects from time to time so you don’t lose them if you delete and reinstall your Vintage Logo app.

How to Backup?

To backup just click ‘Backup Projects’ in Info Page and choose an external or network location. You can backup your projects to Dropbox, Box, or iCloud accounts.

How to Restore?

To restore, click on ‘Restore Projects’, find your latest backup, and tap on it. The name of the project file is ‘projects.vintagebackup’.